Clemens Fritz -

Clemens Fritz

Né le : 07 décembre 1980 (37 ans)
Nationalité : Allemagne


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That pic of Lainey and Finn is adorable . . . Yzerman was peenig on our guest bedding for a while. Damn him. Now we just keep the guest bedroom locked up. But it was a pain in the ass.I love that Carter is Scrabble Club- I never knew such a thing existed. What's bothering me? You know how it goes- I'm exhausted, my boobs are exploding and hurt like hell, my house is a DISASTER and I feel like my husband and I will never again be a couple because everything revolves around the little Miss. We talk about poop, pee, puke, formula, tummy time... don't get me wrong. I adore the little Miss but I also miss my husband. He's the best dad and takes care of us like a champ when he gets home but I still miss him. Since you're mom/wife of the year who I aspire to be, just promise me at some point we'll actually be "us" again. Not just Quinn's parents.