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Né le : 30 décembre 1979 (38 ans)
Nationalité : Angola


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just to be clear on the implementation: with dicret access numbers, does the google voice app completely avoid using data to initiate outgoing calls? That is to say, are there really hundreds of access numbers available to correspond with however many people there are in my contacts list? Also, will new numbers added to my contacts list, need to be assigned an access number the first time I call it via the old scheme using the data connection, or is this automatically done before a call is ever placed? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just curious.
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Plusieurs dizaines de giga ocetts transportables par facteurLa poste, plus gros fournisseur d'acce8s !Le seul proble8me, c'est la latence du transport.. On fait une requeate web et elle prends plusieurs jours e0 revenir
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I agree with the majority. This new "feature" needs to be an opotin that can be disabled. Why would anyone use it!!?? For example most people get free mobile to mobile minutes. If I call someone on Verizon and I'm on Verizon it doesn't cost me anything. Now that I can't add my Google Voice Number to my friends and family if I do call someone that is on the same network as me using my Google Voice number, I will be docked minutes! Why use it? Might as well go back to just using the phone without the Google Voice app. It is not just about getting free minutes, it is about getting charged for minutes I wouldn't normally be charged for if I WAS NOT using Google Voice!!!!
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Super ! Merci pour toutes ces infos, j avais envie de chaegnr de Twitter Bootstrap, je vais le tester et vous tiendrait au courant ! Bonne journe9e,Marie