François Clerc -

François Clerc

Né le : 18 avril 1983 (35 ans)


Football : L'équipe de France a fait le travail Pour la 100eme sélection du capitaine Patrick Vieira et la célébration des champions du monde 98...

La biographie de François Clerc
Formé à l'Olympique Lyonnais depuis son plus jeune âge, François Clerc n’arrive pas à s’imposer dans l’effectif de l’OL et joue la majeur partie de son temps en CFA. Au cours de la saison 2004-2005, les dirigeants l’envoient s’aguerrir à Toulouse à 21 ans. Avec les violets, ce latéral droit qui peut évoluer milieu droit, ne participe qu'à sept rencontres de Ligue 1. Son prêt se finit sur un échec et il retourne à Lyon après une année. En début de saison 2005-2006, il est le troisième latéral droit du club loin derrière Reveillère et Diatta. Le premier nommé se blesse et le deuxième est à la Coupe d’Afrique, c'est à ce moment là que Gérard Houiller le titularise et sa carrière prend un tout autre chemin. Dès son premier match en ligue des champions, François Clerc impressionne et se voit offrir après quatorze matchs (seulement) une convocation en équipe de France. Après le retour de blessure de Reveillère les deux hommes sont en concurrence. Le petit nouveau de l’effectif lyonnais se révèle comme une des révélations de la saison mais ne participe pas à la Coupe du Monde 2006. C’est le 11 octobre 2006 que Raymond Domenech lui fait jouer ses premières minutes en bleu en remplacement de Willy Sagnol. Il pourrait devenir au fil du temps sa doublure de luxe. C’est tout le mal que l’on souhaite à ce joueur promis à un très bel avenir.


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Hi Tony, this is Sandra, the Brazilian in Brooklyn. We exchanged e-mails early on drunig the World Cup. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and only now just registered. I had to reply to your last entry on the World Cup re Zidane. As a huge fan of Zidane, it was quite devastating for me to see him leave the match on Sunday the way he did. I just wanted to point something out about some of the Italian players. I'll upset some people here but here goes. I occasionally read the Italian press (I'm half Italian) and some of them are linked to racist fascist groups in Italy. The goalkeeper Buffon, for example, has publicly declared his admiration for Mussolini and has been seen wearing pro-Mussolini t-shirts. It's difficult to believe Materazzi's claim that he doesn't even understand the meaning of the word terrorist as he claims. Whatever the case it is difficult for me to believe that Zidane was not seriously provoked to do what he did. Not that anything excuses his behavior. He unfortunately has a history of lashing out like this. For awhile it seemed like he had learned to control his temper. I think he's a brilliant artist who's been elevated practically to godhood, who was under enormous pressure and did a lot of mental work drunig the tournament (it seems as if he alone forced the French team to put aside their egos and cohere into a unit thru the force of his will, and without the help of the coach) to make France get as far as it did. He was also in pain and forced himself to stay in the match (probably a mistake). I think like many great artists so beloved and deified, he crashed and fell in a huge crack-up equal to the level of his great artistry. I have to be honest and say that I cannot join in the universal praise of the Italian team. Yes they have some very fine skillful players, no one can deny that. And it would be unfair to dismiss them as the traditionally boring defensive Italian team. But I just didn't find them to be anything more than technically skillful and diverting. I never found them especially inspiring or terribly interesting to watch. I found the experiene of watching flawed but talented players like Henry, Vieira, Makelele, Ribery and of course Zidane was one of watching quality football beyond technique. The Italian team seemed like a good successful corporation. The French team seemed to me like a tight crew of struggling talented veteran artists forcing themselves to find openings to create beauty and not always succeeding. I'm sorry, that's a purely emotional response. Also, Tony, your link to the Alex Bellos article is not working.