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Issam Jemaa

Né le : 28 janvier 1984 (34 ans)
Nationalité : Tunisie


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If I don't do itSomebody else will . Dr. John at The Last Waltz As has been pointed out, the U.S. isn't the only dog in the fight. And while oil conampies profit the most at the expense of dead and wounded GIs and Iraqi civilians, this is the world in which we live.I think most Americans realize all of the side issues (including oil and revenge and democray) that have converged to lead us into this war. Only now are most Americans dissatisfied with the war. But it's not because of the reasons we went in (oil, revenge, etc.). It's because of the difficulty in finishing the job.So the question we need to ask ourselves is, When is the national interest' worth fighting for? If not for energy, then for what?It would be nice if there were an international interest,' but can we really trust everyone else to play along? Haven't we already seen what happens when we leave other nations to play along (Nazi Germany)? No doubt, we have also contributed to nationalist movements (Treaty of Vers.), etc.. But some of that wasn't intentional.Bottom line: It is hard work creating a world in which we can be fair to others and trust that they are going to be fair with us.Hmmm maybe the whole problem is that it is a dog-eat-dog world and we have never trusted anyone and we're worried (and perhaps justifiably so) about what's going ot happen if someone else gets the upper hand on us.